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With the aim of bringing our best leotards to gymnastics base, we have launched a campaign that will last all year and shall make available to clubs, sports associations, municipal schools, etc, a comprehensive catalog with painted leotards prices between 35 and 75 euros with a variety of designs and qualities.


To request a catalog of School leotards is necessary to have confirmed. If you want to see a selection of our designs, you can see the images gallery in each category.


Only we can offer exclusivity at the provincial area (in case of conflict with other clubs in your city, we always inform and offer differents options to change design or color.







If the order is less than 10 leotards, the costs of shipping and returns of the sample are paid by the customer.


In case of orders placed of 10 or more maillots, samples will not incluide shipping charges, the costumer will only need to pay the return to the indicated address.




If the order is less than 5 leotards, costs of shipping and returns will be paid by customer. if five or more leotards, the client will only pay return cost.



We recommend that our customers do not get too tight or take one plus size directly, as painting technique makes the leotards a little less and the feeling is that it is smaller.


Prices between  35 and 50 euros


Davide cheaper range, designed for school and group exhibition.


Painted on lycra, sleeveless and without lining and tulle base.


Minimum order of 10 leotards both same models as different (consult the option of less quantity).





Price between 60 and 75 euros.


This is our range of high standars of school leotards with elaborate designsand a wide variety available in our catalog.


Painted leotards on spandex fabric, made on the basis of tulle lining and sleeveless

( sleeves can be added for 7 € more).


Minimum order of 5 leotards (we will send you a sample to check measurement)




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