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Davide Maillots offers you a prototype maillot with sizes ranging from 4 to 18, for taking measures as simple as possible and record sample with all the necessary explanations. Also remember that you have service whats app, so you can communicate directly when you're taking the steps and answer any questions that may arise.




We recommend not to search an excessively larger size in order to not seem a wrong tailoring.


We inform you that we have 2 kinds of elastic tulle for the basis for your leotards: one more rigid and stronger, little less comfortable and more flexible, and a second one, a little more comfortable but less resistant. You can choose between these two options.



Remember that our garments always wear lining. If you not want it, you need to communicate it.


It is important to note that if the design takes a lot of sewing or crystals, although the size does not change, it will lose a little less, especially in the case of crystals.


It is important to know that regardless of how prototype fit, which defines the size is the rise, being the most important reference. If you choose a wrong rise measure, will not fit correctly.


Observations must be filled with anything you want us to consider. The absence of observations will be understood as everything is correct from your side.


The responsibility for measures belongs to the person who takes them, not DAVIDE Maillots.



When you receive the prototype you must follow these steps: 


When you receive the prototype jerseys you must follow these steps:


As standard sizes do not allow adjustments (unless leotards is with sleeves that admit arm measures)


Any variation in color or sizes may incur a price increase


Only pictures are allowed when we are working with bigger or smaller sizes than prototypes.


Adjust the size that best suits the gymnastics's body and then take the following pictures:


1 A photo ahead with arms crossed


2 A photo ahead with arms close to the body


3 A photo from behind with arms crossed

  As a precaution, we recommend calling or contacting DAVIDE Maillots by WhatsApp or even take pictures with the two sizes in doubt. Never return or send the next customer the samples without review and confirmation of all the measures from the size chart by our pattern team by taking proper measures and tokens made​​.


Remember that being carefully for the perfect preparation of the leotards guarantees pleased to receive it.

( Note that arrangements resulting from defective taking action are assumed by the customer)


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