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Due to the high demand for our leotards, we recommend making your reservations as soon as possible to ensure your turn. Remember it's free and do not commit to anything until the turn of confirmation, where DAVIDE MAILLOTS will contact you. At this point, you must pay a deposit of 50 euros for assign a definitely ship date of your order .

3-5 months in advance: medium, high and international range with exclusive design

2-3 months in advance to catalog or international catalogue range

Our leotards are distinguished mainly by creativity and variety of our designs, adaptable to the needs and tastes of each client, but providing each our unmistakable DAVIDE touch . Also highlights the careful study of proportion and structure of each gymnast that is developed by our Design and Pattern Team managed by our Creative Director José David López. 

The incorporation of new trends and the latest materials is provided by the Quality and Innovation Control Team led by our Project Manager Miguel Angel Lopez, whose professional relationship with fine art and competitive sport, make our customers to enjoy the best leotards in the market.


We adapted each range so that the expectations of each client are being satisfied. Therefore we have divided into 4 groups, adjusted for all budgets for the price and the delivery time.


You can find our leotards in 4 groups: Catalogue, Mid, High and International.




Tax and shipping fees derived not included.

(Canary Islands is exempt from VAT).



PrIces between 100 and 175 euros.


Variety of over 100 designs upper ranges in the catalogue.


Without exclusivity (notify in case of making similar model in your area if you want to choose another option)


The possibility of color changes is limited (for exceptions should beconsulted and adjust the price of the leotard).


Consult the ability to add extras (exclusive skirts, fluorescent colors, tulle skirts, extras, etc)



Prices from 185 euros and unique skirts from 225 euros (Fusilli, scales, feathers, scarves, faux feathers ...)


Designs leotards with international reach.


With the highest quality racing tights and anti lining (extra quality lining from 200 euros)


It is necessary to provide specific guidelines on colors, tastes, style, music as only he has the right to design and modify, if not definitive, must choose between new designs of private selection of our design team.





PrIces between 160 and 175 euros


Exclusive and personalized design with greater technical complexity interms of cuts and painting.


It is necessary to provide specific guidelines on colors, tastes, style, music as only you are entitled to a design, if not definitive, must choose between new designs of private selection of our design team.


Exclusivity: national level and for one year from date of shipment..




From 225 euros


They are our leotards more complex, with the most spectacular designs of our firm and adaptations of international gymnasts we are have the copyright permission: as the 8 leotards that Silvia Miteva wore in the Olympics and the World Championships in Kiev 2013. Also some of the leotards that looks Carolina Rodríguez nowadays and that have been created and decorated by DAVIDE MAILLOTS.


Exclusivity: 1 year if they are custom creation.


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